Saving a Life, one article at a time

Ever since I started this blog, more and more people have come to me with questions regarding gluten-related illnesses. I am ecstatic to be able to help spread awareness, and hopefully answer some questions, or at the very least steer someone in the right direction. I would also like for this blog to be used as a resource for those with celiac disease, a place to share personal stories and concerns, as well as a motivational kick to start for any new routine. Let me share my vision with you!

My Vision

I envisioned that my findings would bring relief to those who are able to relate. Starting a new diet, especially for allergy reasons, can be very difficult, confusing, and intimidating.  I wanted to have one place for someone to go, where they would be able to piece together what might be troubling them. Whether it’s just one symptom that seems to be so odd that you never thought it would relate to much, or a plethora of symptoms that come together and now somehow make sense.

One of the greatest visions I have for this site is for you to tell your story. I encourage you to comment on an article that relates to you, and give someone else the opportunity to find comfort in your words. Each person has a different relationship with gluten. Many are similar, but no two are exactly alike. Telling your story might give another reader to relate and therefore find inspiration from your story. That is what this site is all about.

I don’t want anyone to feel afraid or embarrassed to discuss sensitive topics, for I have personally been through a lot of the issues discussed in this site. It’s like Dr. Seuss said,

“Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.”

You may leave your story or comment in the comment section below each article. That will have to do for now as this blog is still young, or until I enable a discussion board. I won’t be adding a forum until I see more willing participants though, so the more you interact with the site, the more it will grow! The comments you post may be anonymous, as only I will be able to see your email. I will not disclose your email nor make any attempts to contact you unless you state otherwise.

A Great Resource

Please feel free to read through the articles I have written. The more and more I read about this disease, the more interesting it becomes. I have so much to add, and so much I want to write, and in time there will be a wealth of information at your fingertips! It takes time to research each topic, and I do my best to read as much as I can about each article. The best way I know how to present information to you is by directly quoting from the source and linking each article for you to read yourself as well. There is so much out there to read, and I understand how much time it takes to do the research, which is why I am doing it for you!

That is one of the best things about what this site offers, in my opinion. I find all the information that I can, and I share it with the world. There are many wonderful blogs and sites out there which offer similar avenues of retaining wonderful information about celiac disease. I encourage them to visit my related blog list, that way we can stay connected as a source for all of our readers. I strongly believe that the more information we know, the better off we will be! I am so excited to watch My Gluten Free Quest grow, and hopefully it will change a few lives along the way!

I am so happy that in the short amount of time that I have started this blog, so many people have contacted me and begun to question their own symptoms. I am here to lend you any sort of professional medical advice or counseling services, however I am here for you to lend support as would a friend. If you find that even one small portion of this site is relatable to you, I would like for you to take a moment and connect. Your participation is key!



2 thoughts on “Saving a Life, one article at a time

  1. Have you done any research into gluten and soy free cosmetics, cleansers and creams? If you have, what do you recommend? I have looked for 2 months and still cannot get accurate information. If the product says “Gluten free” it is usually full of soy. With cosmetics, the same frustration applies. Bare Minerals is the same, all of their products aren’t gluten and soy free! I am at my wits end …. so is my face! Any and all suggestions would be appreciated.
    Thank you Fallon!

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