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Does your blog relate to mine? I have created this page as a resource that can benefit us together. There are many wonderful blogs out there which offer similar avenues of retaining wonderful information about celiac disease and gluten related issues. I encourage you to leave a comment below with your blog title and web address, followed by a brief description. This way, we can stay connected as a source for all of our readers.

To keep this page growing, you may also choose a button from the assortment below to post onto your blog and then link back to my site.


1. Drag to save the image you like to your computer.

2. Then add the badge to your sidebar as an image

3. Paste in this link back to my page.


*Note: This list was created for personal blogs, not for commercial use as a way to promote a product or service. Any use of these badges without a clickable link back to this page is strictly forbidden.

Thank you for your consideration and support!


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