My Goals

Goals are an important factor when it comes to making a fitness plan. When you know what your goals are, make it clear… write it down!  Goals keep you on track, as well as give you a picture of what exactly it is you are working so hard for. One thing to keep in mind is, it’s ok to slip up. Everyone makes mistakes and gives into temptation here and there. The important thing to do in that situation is keep going! Get right back on track the next day, hour, or minute. If you miss a workout, or have too many sweets on your cheat day, just look back at your goals and remind yourself of where you will be in a year! You can also get inspired by looking at my inspiration and motivation boards.

I love the feeling of success you get when you finish a workout, or follow your diet correctly all day. Even getting a good nights rest is reason enough to have a mini celebration! Another great idea is to make a goal board. Hang it up in a place that you will be able to see it everyday. I have two big poster boards in my closet! Seriously, I do. I cut out a bunch of stuff from magazines, really anything I found that made me smile, feel creative, inspired and motivated then pasted it to a poster board. I love them, and my friends get a kick out of it too!

Don’t ever set yourself up for failure. Only set goals that are realistic and attainable.  If you would like to lose weight, give yourself an appropriate amount of time to do it in. If you are looking to heal your body, make sure you are being patient with your body and allow it to heal with time. Nothing happens over night! I do believe that you can achieve anything if your heart is truly in it. Where will you be a month from now if you don’t start today, or even tomorrow? I know exactly where you will be… still suffering, in pain, and blaming yourself. Start out by accepting you for who you are, loving yourself from inside and out, and set SMART goals: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time-bound.

Here are my fitness and health related goals to hopefully motivate you! :)


1. Lose excess fat, but keep lean muscle mass.

2. Build muscle.

3. Tone up.

4. Gain endurance and strength, to be able to go the distance.


1. Heal my body from the inside by eating healthy foods.

2. Eat small, balanced, sustainable meals on a regular basis.

3. Juice more often.

4. Do not to give in to the binge associated with Celiac Disease. Read these articles, “How Gluten Effects Weight” and “Withdrawal Symptoms Associated with the Addictive Nature of Gluten.”

I love how my goals are simple. They get right to the point and they are easy to maintain. I am aware that it will take a long time. Especially the healing process associated with celiac disease. My muscles are already responding to my workouts from the past couple of days, which has given me so much to look forward to. I know that it seems like such a long road in the beginning, but once you get there, you’ll look back and think to yourself, “that was totally worth it!”

Start goal-setting today!



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