My Fitness Routine

Below I have given you my current workout schedule. You can edit and add to it to make it fit your own personal needs. I do all my workouts from home, as I have accumulated some key equipment to use. If you have access to a gym, then should be able to find all the equipment listed below there. I have not included ex you act exercises that I will be doing, as it is still pretty early in the game. However, I will be updating this as I go along and find out what works and what doesn’t.

This is key: Exercising first thing in the morning is the best way to get your metabolism going in order to burn more calories all day long! If you are unable to exercise first thing in the morning, no need to freight. Any time of day you can fit in a workout is better than no time at all.

Mondays: Cardio + Strength Training


  • Free weights
  • Resistance bands
  • Kettle bell


  • Stepper
  • Inner-thigh machine
  • Resistance bands
  • Squats with kettle bell
  • Lunge kicks
  • Butt lifts

I do 10 reps, 3-5 times for each exercise

Tuesdays: Yoga + Rest

Wednesday: Cardio + Fat Burning
30 Jumping jacks
5 Push ups
25 High knees
7 Burpees
10 Crunches
7 Squats
5 Push ups
10 Crunches
5 Pushups
7 Squats
30 Jumping jacks
1 min wall sit
5 push ups
25 High knees

Repeat 3-5 times

Thursdays: Yoga + Rest

Friday: Cardio + Core

  • Crunches (all kinds)
  • Bosu ball
  • I min Plank
  • Wide-leg plank
  • Side bridge
  • Belly twister

I do 10 reps, 3-5 times for each exercise

I am also following The Couch-to-5K ® Running Plan as my cardio each week.

As well as the one hundred pushups challenge.

I hope this routine can help you get fit as well! Remember to take it slow in the beginning if you are just starting out or just getting back into fitness. Don’t over do it and strain yourself! you could get hurt and delay your progress. If you feel sore,  that is a good thing. It means you’re muscles are waking up. My suggestion is to stretch before and after every workout, especially when you are sore. It helps alleviate the pain. Always take your time with each stretch and take deep breaths.

You can also read my article for more information about Exercising with Celiac Disease. Good luck with your fitness!



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