Days 40-45 Quest to Health

I am lagging on my posts!! Primarily because I had a really hectic week, and skipped out on my routine, yikes! I felt pretty bad about it, but I jumped right back on the wagon today. I did my longest distance today, and my longest jog! I’m super excited about that. One of the symptoms of celiac disease is difficulty breathing. I have never had a problem with it until this year. I don’t think it’s asthma… but I do find myself needing to take a moment to get a full breath from time to time, even when I’m not working out.



As I start to build my endurance training, I find myself needing to stop for a moment in between my joggling just to get a good breath. It’s so awkward! I recently read that a lot of gluten-free athletes have a difficult time with this at first. Athletes have stated that it does subside with time. I’m excited to be getting a handle on it now, especially while I am getting into shape again. Last week I did one workout… eek! So far this week I am doing good. I missed mondays workout, but made up for it today. Here’s the breakdown of todays workout:

Drew Brees is gluten-free!

Cardio: Treadmill- 15 min jog + 6 fast run intervals + 3 min uphill at the highest incline. Total distance was about 4.6 miles.

Strength Training: 6 sets of 15 reps on the thigh machine and for all free weight exercises.

Tomorrow is my wednesday fat burn day, which totally kicks my butt. I deserve it after the lazy week I had!

Novak Djokovic is gluten-free!


Oh boy, this has been an interesting week on my health! I was not consistant with my eating plan. I re-introduced solid food into my diet, and wasn’t working-out along with it, so I ended up with really messed up digestion issues all week. Plus, I was running around a lot and ended up eating out a few times. I ate heathy stuff like sushi and a few home cooked meals, but even with it being healthy the solid food really does a number on my stomach right now. I am convinced that my protein shakes and salads are all I can really handle at this point. I have no idea how long this will last.

This past Sunday was Mother’s Day; Happy Mother’s Day to all of you wonderful moms out there! We went to my brother’s house and celebrated our mom by making her food, bringing her flowers, and playing cards. I had to sit and watch everyone eat while I sipped on my shake! Thankfully my family doesn’t give me a hard time about it or even question me at this point. I really don’t like having to explain myself every time there’s a family gathering. I always feel bad about not eating the food someone cooks, especially when they have made the effort to make gluten-free dishes. I’m done with giving in to feeling bad and eating it anyways because I always end up feeling awful afterwards.

I feel like this is important for everyone to do. Even if you feel like you’re being rude, people will eventually understand, stop questioning, and just be cool about it. They’d rather you feel good than be in pain, so don’t worry about hurting anyone’s feelings. If you aren’t being supported, maybe avoid those gatherings for a while. People will get the hint once they realize you need the support! I wouldn’t judge anyone for missing out on a gathering. It is so hard to be around all the food and not be able to eat it! I cried the other night because I wanted to eat so bad. That sounds really sad… like a fat kid who wants cake. But seriously… it’s a grieving process. You have to get used to saying goodbye to food for awhile until you are able to digest it again without feeling sick for days. It’s ok to cry!

When I do eat solid food, even if it’s just a little fruit in yogurt, I eat the tiniest portions and still get an upset and bloated stomach. (Just to warn you, this next part gets a bit graphic) This is a very common symptom, which is why I want to bring it up; I’ve been experiencing the urge to vomit more lately when I eat solid food. I can’t seem to keep it down. I do my best to keep it down but I pretty much just want to avoid solid food at all costs.

For those of you who experience this, how do you deal with it? I really hate the feeling, and it seems unavoidable! I had some beans the other night and it upset my stomach so much! I had horrible heart burn and acid reflux for hours. I ended up running to the toilet, and nothing came out. My body just felt the urge to purge.

“Gastrointestinal symptoms of celiac disease include heartburn and reflux (potentially with a diagnosis of gastroesophageal reflux disease), nausea and vomiting, and lactose intolerance.” –Celiac Disease Symptoms,

I have also been experiencing diarrhea lately. This is not too much info by the way!! It’s one of the most common symptoms… so yes, I am cool with talking about it. Not only do I have diarrhea, but to top it off I have gas. I tend to burp a lot too. It’s really embarrassing because it can be kind of smelly. If I don’t have diarrhea, I am constipated. I know that there are a lot of people who experience this as well, and I would like to say to you… that I can sympathize with your pain!

“Chronic diarrhea is one hallmark symptom of celiac disease, and appears to affect half or more of those newly diagnosed. Frequently, the diarrhea is watery, smelly and voluminous, and floats rather than sinking. However, a significant minority of people with celiac disease tend to have constipation rather than diarrhea, and some alternate between the two.” –Celiac Disease Symptoms,

I have recently researched that leaky gut syndrome is common among celiac sufferers. This can be cured though diet, however it can take awhile. I’m sure that the pain I feel has been partially due to this condition. I want to eventually get into see the doctor to have an endoscopy and colonoscopy done… when I have the money. At this point, I’m self diagnosing this condition by what I research and how I feel. Not everyone has the luxury of having these types of invasive surgical procedures done, which is why I am trying my best to heal with a nutritious diet paired with exercise. You can read more about my research on this topic here.

On a quick side note, I have also been experiencing more fatigue and blurred vision. My eyes are always red and irritated. They usually itch pretty bad and never seem to focus. It’s gotten to the point now that I can’t go anywhere without eyedrops. I am very anxious for it to go away!

I hope that my progress and research is helping you. I am being as explicit as I can be (without being too detailed) in hopes that those of you who can relate to these symptoms will find relief in my journaling. I gained so much hope by reading as much as I could on blogs and forums. Please feel free to write about your own experiences. You can comment below or send me an email! 

Lots of love!



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