Day 66 Quest to Health: Finding a Balance

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I just found out some interesting news I thought I’d share with everyone. My mother just recently completed a food allergy test, and it came up as her being allergic to wheat, soy, yeast, and eggs. I thought thought was interesting, considering soy has always upset my stomach as well. I will find out my results of the same test next month!

As my mom and I looked at the food labels more carefully, we found that all four of those ingredients are in quite a lot of packaged foods as well as products. I am a believer in staying aways from allergens in all forms, including lotions and the like. I am excited for my mom to begin this new journey, although it seems to be so overwhelming at first. Stay posted as I will be blogging about allergy approved products in the near future.

I am also interested in finding out whether baking with gluten is an issue for celiacs. I am not referring to consuming these baked goods, merely assisting in creating them. I helped to make cupcakes recently, and I think I have had a reaction to touching the dough and frosting. It might sound a bit extreme, but I do have small wounds of my fingers from time to time, which makes it easily penetrable. Not to mention skin is absorbant. My fingers seem irritated, inflamed, and itchy. I also have a slight rash again. Hmm….. more on this topic later.
I am really sleep deprived today as I had an extremely restless night. I was tossing and turning for hours, unable to find comfort in any sleep position. I ended up sitting upright for a while, moaning until my stomach aches would ease up. I was filled with gas, which made me get up about every 5 minutes it seemed like. I’ve been up waiting until I could get a grasp on my head so I can workout this morning. My head feels groggy and heavy, while my eyes are sensitive to the sunlight. They need rest!

Why did I lose sleep you may ask? A new job has my workout routine turned around, which drastically effects my health. Ever since I started my new workout routine, I’ve been doing a lot better. The problem is, I only have a very rare window in my day that I can workout and I never know when that will be, which makes it very hard to plan on anything.

*This is the portion of the journal that gets a little more detailed. Skip this if you are not familiar with similar gastrointestinal symptoms.

There are 3 main scenarios I have to deal with in order to workout and eat each day. It begins like this; Typically I wake up feeling undigested from the day/night before (because I have digestion issues due to celiac disease), so I down 2 large glasses of water really fast and play the waiting game (meaning I wait until I have to go to the bathroom)

Scenario 1: If I “go” soon enough after I wake up, then I am empty so-to-speak, which means I can take a pre-workout supplement which gives me just enough energy and carbs to be able to workout… and then I eat something right after. This cycle starts around noon though so I’m pretty hungry after my workout. (Not to mention my day is shot.)

Scenario 2: If it takes too long, then I am usually starving for something to eat by the time I eventually do “go” because it’s been so long since I woke up. This is typically later on in the afternoon. The problem is, I can’t eat and then workout because the food will just bounce around in me and I’ll feel like I have to vomit.

Scenario 3: If I don’t “go” at all, I end up super bloated and cramped up all day. This often leads to me not eating or forcing myself to eat, which always makes it hurt more. Oh, and of course… no workout.

*If I don’t workout, I have a harder time staying regular, which means I end up with a restless and sleepless night. This is why sleep is hard to come by.

I couldn’t do my workout yesterday, and I didn’t sleep last night because of it, so what do I do now? I guess I have to get to work today and skip yet another workout. :-/ I drank plenty of my pre-workout this morning but a workout just isn’t going to happen because I’m such a zombie! If I can get myself coordinated enough to walk straight today then I will feel somewhat successful.

My thoughts are jumbled, just like my brain today. I can’t stop thinking and stressing out. I feel as though I can’t move forward. Every day is a struggle revolving around when my body decides to go to the bathroom, which foods I need to prepare or take with me, when I can eat and when I can take my vitamins. Then it’s a matter of getting my head down to sleep and getting my butt up in the morning. Does any of this nonsense sound familiar or hit close to home for anyone who is reading this?

I believe life is all about balance. If I can get myself healthy, I am confident that I will be able to create more of a balance in my life instead of focusing so hard on just this first step. It can be so aggrivating to work so hard at something and not see very much improvement. Every area of my life seems to be in a ripple effect of my health.

There’s a book I read a while back called The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success: A Practical Guide to the Fulfillment of Your Dreams, and these laws of success are: Physical, Mental, Social, Occupational, Environmental, Emotional, and Spiritual. I highly recommend everyone read this book as it is very enlightening and a wonderful eye opener.

Hopefully I will feel better tomorrow! Keep reading as I continue to write more articles on the research I am doing :)


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  1. My son gave me that book — maybe I should read it again! Thanks for this blog and all the information in it.

    • It’s a great reminder and an easy read. I’m glad you have a copy. :) I am so happy that you enjoy reading my blog!

      Thank you Barbara!

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