Day 58 Quest to Health

Happy Memorial Day! It’s absolutely beautiful outside, and I can’t wait to go out and take a walk. Even though it’s a holiday, that is no excuse to skip out on your workout! Grab a friend or loved one and soak up some vitamin d! When I do my workouts, it’s usually inside and I end up craving the sun so badly. Enjoy it while it’s out and it will get you pumped up for summer time! Awe summer… another reason to get in shape :)


Days 46-57 I was not very productive.. physically. I worked out 5 times, each time only doing cardio. I don’t really need to document much of it, other than to say I did keep up with my Couch to 5k program almost perfectly. I have been jogging and walking consistently, however I’ve really been lacking the motivation to do the strength, fat burn, and core portion of my fitness routine.

I’ve been feeling sore from not working out! My muscles actually ache. I just bought some more pre-workout to help me take on the training portions of my workouts. It’s time to kick butt and get back in gear! It’s not worth it to skip out on your routine, trust me! It made me feel like I lost out on all of the progress I’ve made. Never the less, my motivation is still there… which is why today I really stepped it up.

Today is Monday which is Cardio + Strength Training. In keeping with the Couch to 5k routine, I did a 20 min jog. I also did 6 HIIT’s (high-intensity interval training) and 5 min uphill  at the highest incline.

Strength= Arms: 6 sets of 15 reps each, Abs: 6 sets of 25 reps, Thighs: 6 sets of 15 reps, 10 full body squats, 100 butt-ups, 100 mixed crunches and I finished off with stretching.

Although I haven’t been doing my workouts as planned these past few weeks, I was still able to hold a steady pace while jogging. I was really proud of myself for showing real progress at building my endurance., which is one of my fitness goals! If you are in a slump as well, I highly suggest looking into buying supplements. There are all natural ones out there that are designed to give you more energy and focus while working out. I like MRM Driven because it is all natural as well as gluten-free!


These past few weeks I have been on a craving overload. I wanted to eat everything and I pretty much did. I kept it mildly healthy, as I am gluten-free and have to avoid most foods anyways, but I did find ways to sneak around and eat the junk! Ice cream, chips, pasta and chocolate were the primary focus as far as bad foods are concerned. I did have my period twice though, so that might explain it. I’m positive this was a result of not working out as hard. Your body gets used to a certain level of exercise and when you drastically change that to suddenly being lazy… it can really shock your system. Same goes for when you go from not doing much physical exercise to working out regularly.

My eating habits aren’t really that bad though. I’d say I’m still one of the healthiest eaters I know. I primarily stick to fruits and vegetables, however I do crave meat occasionally. I tend to eat tilapia more than anything else. I would love to be able to eat larger quantities of food, but I’m still not there yet. I know that once my stomach starts to feel better I’ll be able to eat more… which is a lot healthier than how little I eat now. I’m still very convinced that I have developed leaky gut syndrome because it doesn’t matter what I eat, I always have an upset stomach. This really does take time to heal!

My latest article about gluten sensitivity is really interesting. I have done so much research about the true gluten-free diet, or the celiac diet as I like to call it. I am going to go on a new type of diet for the next few months. I’ll be updating my gluten-free diet plan shortly to keep you up to speed on what I will be avoiding exactly. It will mainly consist of four things; vegetables, fruit, nuts, beans and legumes. This may seem really excessive to cut out grains and dairy, however I want to experiment by doing an elimination diet. I have a feeling that grains (all types) may be the reason why I am not healing as quickly as I could. More on this as I go.

I hope you are keeping up with your fitness and health as I am! How are your symptoms? I hope you are having a wonderful holiday!



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