Day 58 Quest to Health

Unstoppable strength

Happy Memorial Day! It’s absolutely beautiful outside, and I can’t wait to go out and take a walk. Even though it’s a holiday, that is no excuse to skip out on your workout! Grab a friend or loved one and soak up some vitamin d! When I do my workouts, it’s usually inside and I end up craving the sun so badly. Enjoy it while it’s out and it will … Continue reading

Days 40-45 Quest to Health


I am lagging on my posts!! Primarily because I had a really hectic week, and skipped out on my routine, yikes! I felt pretty bad about it, but I jumped right back on the wagon today. I did my longest distance today, and my longest jog! I’m super excited about that. One of the symptoms of celiac disease is difficulty breathing. I have never had a problem with it until … Continue reading

Exercising with Celiac Disease


Exercise¬†has been shown to increase the body’s overall health and strength. It also helps to maintain bone mass, muscle tone, flexibility, and body function. However, side effects of nutrient deficiency vary, which may affect the amount that someone with celiac disease will exercise. For example, many people who suffer from celiac disease are anemic, meaning your body is not absorbing enough iron which will decreases your energy levels. Symptoms We, … Continue reading

Day 5 Quest to Health: Menstruation Associated With Diet and Exercise

Suffer the pain of discipline or suffer the pain of regret

Fitness It’s Thursday already? Wow, time is flying by! The start of my day today was no different than the previous days this week since I have started my new diet and fitness routines. I have been waking up tired and sore. That’s why it is so important to get plenty of rest, especially in the beginning. I know my body is telling me to take it easy. Luckily, today … Continue reading

Day 4 Quest to Health: Sore Muscles


Hey hey!! So, I stayed up all night last night thinking about my site… eek! I was so tired today, but I am just so excited about it! I have so many things to share… I feel like my fingers can’t go fast enough. I am still working on putting up articles, so please bare with me! Plus, I’m pretty new to blogging… still learning the in’s and out’s. Despite … Continue reading