Beginner Workout

These are the workouts that I did on my first three training days. I wanted to take it slow, but my muscles have pretty good memory, so I was able to do more than I thought I could. Never the less, I didn’t want to over-do it. Really, all I did was try to get all of my muscles groups in short reps with light cardio. I’m not a fitness expert, but I have been fit for most of my life. I was trained very well growing up, but with CD wearing me down I lost my drive along the way. Now, I am trying to get that drive back!

Day One: I was aiming to follow the Couch-to-5k cardio program, which says to do a 5 minute walk, a 2 minute jog, and another 5 minute walk your first day. I breezed right through that, so I decided to do two extra minutes of jogging. Total time was 15 minutes. Still, very simple for an introductory day.

Following my cardio, I had planned to begin my strength training portion of the fitness routine I made. This is what I ended up with:


  • Free Weights
  • Kettle Bell Exercises
Today also marked the start of the Push up Challenge:
  • Push Ups (one set of each rep: 6, 6, 4, 4, 5 with 60 seconds between each)

3 sets of the following:

  • 20 Lunges
  • 20 Jumping Jacks
  • 10 Crunches of each style
  • 25 Butt Ups
  • 25 High Knees
  • 7 Burpes
  • 7 Squats
  • 1 Min Wall Sit
  • I Min Plank

This worked me!! I was sore for two days following, which is a good thing.

Day Two: Again, I was aiming to follow my routine and do yoga, but I went on a very long walk instead, and it felt amazing.

Day Three: Due to the fact that I missed out on my arm and leg routine of my fitness routine on monday, I decided to follow that. I also wanted to do the 5k cardio program, but I pushed a little harder and did some intervals. I also added in some much needed stretching.

30 min STRETCH with long holds, deep breaths

Cardio: 30 min interval training on the Treadmill consisting of something like this:

  • 3 min walk
  • 2 min fast walk
  • 3 min jog
  • 2 min fast walk
  • 1 min run
  • 1 min walk
  • 2 min fast walk
  • 2 min jog
  • 1 min fast run
  • 1 min fast walk
  • 2 min jog
  • 2 min fast walk
  • 2 min jog
  • 1 min fast run
  • 2 min fast walk
  • 3 min walk

I guess I kind of said to heck with the 5k program, but I still want to follow it somewhat as a guide.

I then did 3 sets of 10 reps for each of the following exercises:

  • Free Weights
  • Inner Thigh Machine
  • Leg Lifts
  • Butt Lifts
  • Criss Cross
  • Booty Push
  • 1 Min Plank
Push up Challenge:
  • Push Ups (one set of each rep: 6, 5, 4, 5, 6 with 60 seconds between each)


I cannot stress enough about how important stretching is! Please take the time to elongate your body, muscles, and breaths! That might be a funny way of saying it, but thats how I picture it in my head. 😉







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